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How It Works

Assure Alliance and Alicor Solutions are working together to provide partner agencies a modern agency website option that’s secure and interactive. 

Also, considering most insurance people know a bunch about insurance and not so much about maintaining a website, Alicor has developed a system that allows even computer rookies a simple way to update and keep their website fresh.

As part of this relationship you can contact Alicor anytime to consult on web related questions at no cost even if you don’t have website services with them.  Just mention you’re part of Assure Alliance  If you can’t figure something out or are considering a web marketing decision and just want input, simply pick up the phone and call Alicor.    If they can’t help you directly they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Need a website?  Be sure to ask about Assure Alliance discounts!

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Call us today and your new site could be ready within a week!

Have Us Reach Out to You

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